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App sec for distributed architectures

Legacy solutions sit at the network edge blocking attacks based on pattern-matching. Sqreen’s next-gen RASP provides access to the full application context and insight into user behavior. This deep security visibility enables Sqreen to more accurately detect threats, block actual exploits without blocking legitimate traffic and accelerate incident investigation and response.

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    Increase threat awareness by detecting threats based on actual user behaviour, not patterns

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    Out-of-the box protection for OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities and advanced application level attacks

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    Correlate attack data with the application stack trace to quickly investigate security incidents

How Le Monde blocks critical attacks at scale

Sacha Morard, CTO at Le Monde - France’s leading news organisation - shares how Sqreen enables his team to block critical attacks at enterprise scale across Le Monde’s 10 applications with over 2 billion requests per month.

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  • 1. Install the microagent

    Step 1: install the microagent
  • 2. Restart your app

    Step 2: restart the app
  • 3. Protect your app

    Step 3: activate Sqreen
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