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Increase visibility by monitoring incidents in real time, streamlining incident response management and automating your application inventory.

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Trusted by 800+ customers

  • With Sqreen, we’ve been able to deal with some major attacks with ease over the past year. On top of that, the number of false positives is negligible, if not zero, which is a fantastic benefit. I know I only have to spring into action if it’s merited!
    Richard Grey Head of Information Security at Freeagent
  • Sqreen delivers the security monitoring that Algolia needs to able to confidently promise a tier-one service to our customers.
    Sylvain Utard VP Engineering at Algolia
  • Our website and applications are under constant attack from hackers and bots. Sqreen allowed us to secure our apps with staggering efficiency and was incredibly fast to set up.
    Sacha Morard CTO at Le Monde Group
  • Sqreen is open constantly in my browser. I check it every day and keep up with email alerts. As a one-person security team, the value for me is really peace of mind. I know Sqreen will alert me when anything happens, so I can focus on the other security items on my plate.
    Nicolas Valcárcel Security Architect at Rainforest QA
  • Sqreen supports the most important side of our business: the application. I know that if something goes wrong there, I will be alerted, and have visibility into the issue right away. The peace of mind that brings cannot be overstated.
    Matthieu Bouthors Senior Security Engineer at Front
  • It’s a great feeling to know that some things are taken care of on the security front in a way that doesn’t degrade the performance of our applications. The impact is minimal and we’re more secure. The signal-to-noise ratio is great, so I only have to break my flow to focus on security issues when it’s merited.
    Guillaume Luccisano, CTO at Triplebyte
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Dashboard Overview

Monitor incidents in real time

Always stay one step ahead of attackers with real-time insights over incidents.

  • Security dashboards provide real-time visibility over attacks targeting your apps.
  • Instant notifications alert your team when critical security incidents occur.
  • Limit alert fatigue with a high signal to noise ratio leveraging limited false positives.
  • Monitor suspicious user behaviors and identify attackers before they cause harm.
Blocked SQL injection

Streamline incident response management

Improve investigation quality by leveraging in-app security signals.

  • Get to the root cause of incidents faster with stack traces pinpointing the vulnerable line of code to developers.
  • Drill down into user and IP activity timelines to identify the context of the attack.
  • Integrate Sqreen into your workflow with native integrations, webhooks and APIs.
Application Inventory

Automate your application inventory

Get an out-of-the-box and always-up-to-date source of truth of your application assets.

  • A security flow map offers an actionable view of each application’s risk and attack exposure.
  • Automatically centralize your applications' assets portfolio. No manual data input or updates required.
  • Get insights on the usage of open source libraries, frameworks, ORMs, and more.
  • Easily detect and surface areas of risk with notifications and advanced search capabilities.

Why Sqreen?

  • In-app Security Signals

    Leverage your apps' full runtime context to benefit from more accurate detection and blocking of advanced attacks.

  • Distributed Architecture

    Sandboxed microagents dynamically adapt to evolving applications and threats without requiring maintenance.

  • Unified Appsec Platform

    Protect, observe and test your applications through a single platform and apply a holistic security approach.

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