One-click Protection Modules for Your Apps

Prevent data breaches with dynamic protection modules that can be enabled in just one click into your app.

Application Protection

  • Runtime application self-protection
    Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

    Use the app's runtime context to automatically protect against critical vulnerabilities including 0-day attacks.

  • In-App WAF
    In-app Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Easily embed Sqreen In-App WAF wherever your app is deployed. Smart Stack Customization enables rulesets tailored to your app’s stack.

  • Security headers
    Security Headers

    Enable & control any HTTP security headers and protect against a set of client-side vulnerabilities.

  • Content Security Policy
    Content Security Policy

    Easily configure and manage a Content Security Policy (CSP) to prevent code injections and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

  • GeoBlocking

    Block IPs and users connecting from specific geographies or suspicious locations (proxies, VPNs, …).

  • Bot Protection
    Bot Protection

    Block security scanners and bad bots.

User Protection

  • Account takeover
    Account Takeover

    Prevent attackers from stealing users credentials by account takeover.

  • Account Farming
    Account Farming

    Prevent attackers from creating multiple user accounts at once.

  • Login filtering
    Login Filtering

    Prevent users with disposable emails, from known IP blacklists or TOR to login to your app.

  • Admin Protection
    Admin Protection

    Monitor admin accounts activities and protect them from being compromised.

  • Suspicious Activities
    Suspicious Activities

    Automate security responses when loged-in users perform malicious or suspicious activities.

Data Protection

  • Data Loss Prevention
    Data Loss Prevention

    Monitor data fetched from your databases by your app and protect your most valuable data from being leaked.

  • PII / PHI Leak
    PII / PHI Leak

    Specifically monitor outgoing sensitive data and prevent breaches.

Business Logic Protection

  • Shared accounts
    Shared Accounts

    Monitor and prevent users from sharing accounts.

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