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Custom plugin

Custom Plugin

Signals & Triggers

On Custom signal
If Custom trigger


  • block database access Block database access
  • block incoming http request Block incoming http request
  • Send a slack notification Send a Slack notification
  • POST to webhook
  • Log request stack trace
  • Custom action


Sqreen offers a simple SDK allowing you to track custom events and users.

Based on customised conditions (event triggered, threshold reached, anomaly detected, etc), Sqreen can apply in-app actions without requiring any code changes thanks to dynamic code instrumentation.

Advanced details

The event SDK is mostly relying on a single track method:

const sqreen = require('sqreen');

    user_identifiers: {...},
    event: 'foobar',
    properties: {...},

The method accepts the following parameters:

  • user_identifiers - Object, optional - A dictionary identifying the associated user. When no user identity is provided, only the request IP is recorded.
  • event - String - The event name to track.
  • properties - Object, optional - A dictionary of property for the event.
  • timestamp - Date, optional - Date when the event occurred. If empty, the server time will be used. Handy when syncing back batch of past events.

Sqreen offers 3 main detection methods to monitor custom events activity:

  • Condition matched
  • Threshold reached
  • Anomaly detected

Language support

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Java

Data collected by Sqreen

Number of signals

On attack
  • IP addresses
  • User identifier if sent

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