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Protect your data and scale successfully on a platform that decentralizes security and infuses it into every application.

Sqreen's unique microagent architecture

  • Sandboxed microagents

    Microagents are deployed in your app in minutes, just like any other standard library

  • Dynamic instrumentation

    Allows application monitoring at run-time without having to modify your code

  • Protection modules

    Can be automatically enabled and fine-tuned from the dashboard

  • Virtual patches

    Microagents can apply virtual patches to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited in production

  • Fail-safe

    Microagents are fail-safe. Security metadata data is reported to a secure cloud asynchronously.

Protection modules

Automatic defense against attacks

Get immediate, enterprise-grade protection without slowing down development.

  • Protect with security modules: RASP (Runtime App Self-Protection), In-App WAF (Web Application Firewall), Account takeovers and more.
  • Sqreen’s modules adapt to your application stack with no need of configuration.
  • Prevent attacks from the OWASP Top 10 (Injections, XSS and more), 0-days, Data Leaks, and more.
  • Create security automation playbooks that automatically react against advanced business-logic threats.
Sqreen dashboard

Insights you can act on

Get detailed data on anomalies, malicious users, and vulnerabilities that can only be found at the application level.

  • Instant notifications alert your team when critical security incidents happen.
  • Security dashboards provide real-time visibility over attacks targeting your apps.
  • Anomalies like unusual volumes of outgoing data, slow endpoints, or unusual errors help you uncover new threats.
  • Drill down into user and IP activities, identify malicious attackers or compromised accounts.
Security Flow Map

Scalable, collaborative security

Give engineers and security teams a central platform where they can work as the company grows.

  • Go beyond the HTTP layer and decentralize security into all your apps and microservices.
  • A security flow map helps you understand your current risk and prioritize your remediation efforts.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in real time and get developer-friendly remediation details (full stack traces).
  • Easily enable new modules or protections without requiring code modifications or deployments.

Everything great teams need

Sqreen gives teams everything they need to move fast and secure their stack.
  • Easy install and maintenance Easy install and maintenance

    Get started in under 5 mins. No code changes, heavy configuration, or maintenance required.

  • Built for scale Built for scale

    No performance impact and no CPU or memory overhead. We already run some of the worlds’ largest applications, in production

  • Deploy everywhere Deploy everywhere

    Deploy into every app on any architecture: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.

  • Works with your toolchain Works with your toolchain

    Use our Slack, New Relic, or PagerDuty integrations or use webhooks to integrate with the tools you love.

  • Privacy by design Privacy by design

    Sqreen doesn’t redirect your traffic. No PII or sensitive data collected

  • One single platform One single platform

    Get visibility on risk, real-time threats and vulnerabilities without context-switching.

Ship fast and stay safe.

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