State of Application Security Report 2020


As modern engineering teams continue to move to sophisticated distributed architectures, developer code has become increasingly more exposed through web applications. As a result, web applications continue to be the primary means through which attacks occur. Security and technology leaders can keep up with the pace by ensuring their team’s ability to find and remediate web application security flaws before it’s too late.

This report analyzes attempted exploits happening at runtime across more than 3,000+ Sqreen customer applications. Drawing from actual, rather than self-reported event data from production environments, this report arms security and technology leaders with the necessary insights to create more secure and reliable applications.

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9 pages pdf
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Use this report to:

  • Understand which languages are most prone to which vulnerabilities to improve your application security
  • Learn about the most common threats and attacks and proactively protect against them
  • Prioritize and remediate commonly exploited stack traces found in production
  • and much more
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