The DevSecOpsSecurity Checklist

Security checklist

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps follows the principle that "everyone is responsible for security". Engineering, DevOps and security teams are at the frontline of security and need to work together to improve the security of their organization.

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The DevSecOps Security Checklist
18 pages pdf
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The things you will learn in this checklist

The DevSecOps principle helps teams enforce security best practices with a limited impact on speed. This security checklist aims to give engineering teams a list of DevSecOps security best practices they can follow to help with the implementation of DevSecOps.

  • How to develop a security-as-code culture
  • How to secure your infrastructure
  • Stay on top of security best practices
  • Protect your application from targeted attacks
  • Automate security testing
  • How to shift-left security
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