Runtime Application Self-Protection
that works

Sqreen’s unique Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) architecture provides in-depth visibility and protection beyond the HTTP layer. Trusted by security teams. Loved by developers.

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Better, richer in-app data.

Perimeter protection Sqren's RASP

All RASPs aren’t
created equal

Sqreen’s RASP is the most widely deployed RASP security solution in the world.
Over 700 companies have chosen Sqreen because its unique architecture offers an in-depth, performant and fail-safe solution that protects against attacks other RASPs can’t even see.

  • Sqreen
    Classic RASP
  • Sandboxed microagents for a fail-safe architecture
  • Deploy in under 5 minutes without configurations required
  • Manageable by security, ops, or developers alike
  • Widest technology coverage with six technologies supported
  • Used on large-scale applications without noticeable performance impact
  • No reliance on signatures & patterns. Coverage against zero-days

The benefits of Sqreen’s RASP

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