Tired of your WAF false positives?

Learn how Sqreen's continuous security monitoring and protection platform can help you fight web attacks in seconds without generating false positives!

  • Integrate security at the speed of DevOps and on any Cloud

  • No false positives. No heavy rules management required

  • Protect against SQL or NoSQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and more

  • 5 minute setup for instant protection

Protect my website

Build secure web apps

Continuously assess your application security. Fix critical vulnerabilities with max efficiency and visibility.

Protect your production apps

Keep your app secure. Get protected against the most damaging attacks in real-time: XSS, Injections, etc.

Get visibility into your app security

Get notified about attackers targeting your app. Focus on what matters. No alert fatigue

Security at the speed of DevOps

No hardware. No traffic redirection and no sensitive data collection. Don't slow development speed

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