Lives in your app, gives your app superpowers

Sqreen’s unique in-app technology changes the way Developers, DevOps, and Security teams protect their applications.

Sqreen lives inside your code...

The Sqreen agent is a lightweight library that hooks into the many places that an HTTP request will touch: Your database ORM, your user objects, your template renderer, and more. The Security Checkup checks how the contents of the HTTP request modifies the state of the response, how it interacts with your database, and how it affects your users.

2 your app the most advanced attack detection capabilities...

The agent detects and blocks attacks from the inside without redirecting traffic or modifying code. By correlating attacks with information from the lowest level of the execution (and not just flat regex patterns), Sqreen can block attacks without triggering any false positives.


...while linking security threats to real users...

When you add our SDK to your app, we can help you detect attackers early, or victims of account takeovers. Sqreen will link attacks to authenticated users and monitor security events performed by them: HTTP errors, TOR access, suspicious IPs, velocity, geolocation, etc.


...and providing the best vulnerability remediation capabilities.

Dashboards and notifications provide full visibility into your application security. No more alert fatigue: Sqreen only alerts when real security events occur. Remediation details (including stack traces) are provided to help Developers, DevOps, and Security engineers easily fix vulnerabilities.

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