Sqreen In-App WAF,
a WAF that doesn't get in your way.

Sqreen's In-App Web Application Firewall leverages the full context of your application to deliver an out-of-the-box, cloud-native WAF that's fail-safe, has limited false positives, and doesn’t require heavy fine-tuning.

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All WAFs aren’t
created equal

Over 800 companies choose Sqreen because of its unique architecture that enables us to offer an in-depth, performant, and fail-safe Web Application Firewall that protects against attacks other WAFs can’t see.

  • Sqreen
    WAF or Next-Gen WAF
  • Deploy in under 5 minutes on any app
  • Limited false positives with no rules tuning or maintenance
  • Fail-safe and privacy-preserving architecture without traffic redirection
  • Manageable by security, ops, and developers alike
  • Link attacks to real logged-in users inside an app
  • No backend processing or learning phase
  • DDoS protection

The benefits of Sqreen’s In-App WAF

Don’t just take our word for it

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