State of App Sec 2020: Key Findings with Clint Gibler

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 8am PDT / 5pm CET

Join us on September 29 as Sqreen CTO, Jean-Baptiste Aviat, sits down with Clint Gibler, CEO of tl;dr sec, to discuss the key findings in the Sqreen State of App Sec Report 2020 and break down actionable steps you can take today to improve the state of your application security across your modern and legacy applications.

In this webinar you’ll learn strategies for:

  • Building and scaling secure and reliable applications

  • Improving vulnerability protections across languages

  • Proactively protecting against common exploits like SQL injections and XSS

  • Prioritizing vulnerability remediation based on app-level context

  • Understanding which setup will make your app more secure

  • and much more

About the hosts

  • Clint Gibler
    Clint Gibler
    CEO & Cofounder of tl;dr sec

  • Jean-Baptiste Aviat
    Jean-Baptiste Aviat
    CTO & Cofounder, Sqreen

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