Our unique approach

A distributed architecture with sandboxed microagents that leverage in-depth security signals to more effectively monitor and protect applications.

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Sqreen vs. Legacy Solutions

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Sqreen Security Signals

In-app security signals

Go beyond regex patterns, static traces or logs and leverage your apps' full runtime context to detect and block attacks others can't see.

  • Richer in-app data
  • Behavioral-based heuristics
  • Automated maintenance

Distributed architecture

Sandboxed microagents leverage dynamic instrumentation to adapt to evolving apps without requiring maintenance.

  • Easy install and configuration
  • Fail-safe architecture
  • Limited performance impact
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Security Flow Map

Unified application security

Protect, observe, and test your applications through a single platform and apply a holistic security approach.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Multi-layered security
  • Security across the SDLC

Everything great teams need

Sqreen gives teams everything they need to move fast and secure their apps.
  • Easy install and maintenance Easy install and maintenance

    Get started in under 5 mins. No code changes, heavy configuration, or maintenance required.

  • Built for scale Built for scale

    Limited performance impact (2-5% CPU). No memory overhead. We already run on some of the worlds’ largest applications, in production.

  • Deploy everywhere Deploy everywhere

    Deploy into every app on any architecture: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.

  • Works with your toolchain Works with your toolchain

    Use our Slack, New Relic, or PagerDuty integrations or use webhooks to integrate with the tools you love.

  • Privacy by design Private by design

    Sqreen doesn’t redirect your traffic and automatically scrubs PII.

  • One single platform One single platform

    Get visibility on risk, real-time threats and vulnerabilities without context-switching.

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